Saturday, 17 July 2010

Authors: A

Laurie Anderson - Multi-media artist (film, music, sculpture, interactive, etc) well known for her innovative stage shows

Dario Argento - Master of Italian horror cinema - cool site with content to match about this truly inventive and important auteur-film-maker. If you can read Italian, check out this lovely site supported by the maestro himself: il colore della paura e'Argento

Aristotle - Greek philosopher who is said to be the 'father of modern science' and was, for better or worse, the originator of 'Aristotolian thinking'... You can read and download a selection of his writings as e-texts here

Isaac Asimov - One of the 'grand-daddies' of SF... a clearly set-out, ecclectic collection of on-line Assimov resources and information - good starting point

Jane Austen - Remaining popular today... lots of gathered resources on this long established site

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