Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Double Dean from questing beast books!

Final Bough, by Remy Dean, hits the book shelves hot on the heels of the re-issue of his culty 'classic', Scraps. Final Bough is a novelette published through the new series of stand-alone editions, 'SUTEKH's GIFT Presents', with illustrations by Katie Hone... and is available to buy on-line.

Internationally renowned sculptor Ken Cornhab accepts a commission that will take him back to his childhood homeland where deeply rooted fears and half-forgotten memories threaten to surface once more.

The Tufflin Oak had stood like a sentinel of the valley for centuries, until recently felled by a freak lightening strike. What was it about the ancient tree that had fascinated him as a child? What dark secrets lurk in the branches of the local lord's own family tree? How long will the Tufflin Park murders remain unsolved?

Set against the legend-rich landscape of Snowdonia, Final Bough is a contemporary tale of the supernatural, with a traditional twist.

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Remy Dean's cult novel Scraps has been published in a new Questing Beast paperback edition - now easier than ever to get hold of! After being 'off-the-shelves' for about a decade, Dean's highly acclaimed (but rarely read) novel has been made available without any limit to the current edition! Thanks to Cafe Press for their excellent on-line selling and delivery services...

Lydia Lunch – author, confrontationalist, musician and multi-media artist – said of Dean’s first novel, “great language, poetry and images…” she also commented that, “the sex was hot”.

Miles Hatfield in his review for The Champion described it as, “a twisted tale… a freewheeling, experimental novel”. He realised that, “Dean has taken a few risks – there are some startling and surreal episodes,” and goes on to say that, “there is plenty of energy in the writing and the yarn rattles along at a cracking pace”.

Susan Watt, a senior editor at HarperCollins described Scraps as, “a really moody, and inspired portrait of urban life at its seediest”.

Writers News called Scraps, “a fast moving, gripping story of love, lust and moralities,” whereas Writers Monthly branded it as a, “shocking debut novel,” also describing it as, “racy, gripping… brutal and startling…”

Others have likened Dean’s distinctive gritty-crime-noir fantasy style to the films of Quentin Tarantino and Scrawl UK said, “An intelligent crime novel with a romantic twist… A dense and powerful debut novel, Scraps has the visual impact of cutting edge cinema and the lyrical quality more often found in good song writing. The theme challenges you to re-think your own morality…”

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