Friday, 16 July 2010

Authors: B

Iain (M) Banks - SF/Fantasy writer and one of the freshest mainstream novelists to date

Official website of Clive Barker - writer, film-maker, painter and master of the fabulist genre

An introduction to the haiku and some info about Basho, master of this verse form

Samuel Beckett - Plenty of info here on the author and playwright

Jello Biafra - A powerful wielder of words, cultural terrorist, one-time candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, founder of Alternative Tentacles record label and ex-front man for Dead Kennedys

The International Brecht Society operate a useful site dedicated to Bertolt Brecht - lots of good research ready-done here about one of the most important influences on modern theatre...

Lovely-to-look-at official site of Dan Brown, with generous content and an interview with the author of bestselling code'n'conspiracy thrillers such as The DaVinci Code

Charles Bukowski - A master wordsmith brimming with honesty, humanity and humour...

William Blake - Excellent, searchable archive of Blake's excellent writings and illustrations

Kate Bush - Excellent, comprehensive website dedicated to the singer-songwriter with a towering talent and lyrics that lead the mind toward new discoveries

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