Monday, 25 February 2008

PDFs from past Print Editions - FREE

The Scrawl website now has archived pages from the two print editions available as PDF downloads. So far, the articles made available are an extended interview with Colin Wilson, and an exclusive one with Jeremy Brett.

The interview-features with Johnny Dowd and Catherine Merriman have already been made available as web-pages (HTM)...

The Wonderful Mystery Of Sherlock Holmes
Scrawl is proud to present this exclusive interview with the late Jeremy Brett in which he talks about playing the definitive Holmes in the Granada Television series.

From The Outside Looking In
Colin Wilson is the author of more than 100 published books including science fiction novels, psychology, biography, commentary and critiques, countless essays and articles, plus many short stories. He appears regularly on television as an authority on serial killers, the paranormal, Atlantis and the occult. He is David Bowie’s favourite writer... Scrawl is honoured to present an extended interview with Colin Wilson conducted by Jeremy Dean.

To download and read these articles go to:


(More from Scrawl past Print Editions will be made available as the site undergoes its continuing 'overhaul' and re-design.)