Saturday, 19 December 2009

Authors: V

A E Van Vogt - Good starting point for information on this pioneer SF author, his works and connections with Null-A and General Semantics...

Kurt Vonnegut - A very thorough resources site for anything related to the satirist and SF author of unrivalled stature, and his alter-ego Kilgour Trout.

Authors: W

Scott Walker - Towering above all - writer and musician of godlike genius.

Dennis Wheatley - Thriller and Horror author who inspired several Hammer Film productions

Walt Whitman - The inspired and inspiring 'American bard', author of Leaves Of Grass.

Oscar Wilde - Notable and quotable - one of the literary giants.

Charles Willeford - Writer of off-beat crime novels featuring 'compassionate psychos'.

Robert Anton Wilson - Psychology, philosophy, conspiracy, comedy - this guy's got it all!

Authors: X

Xi Xi - socially aware, award-winning poet, novelist and essayist based in Hong-Kong.

Authors: Y

W B Yeats - Good starting point for finding resources on the web about the great poet William Butler Yeats.

Authors: Z

Roger Zelazny - U S Author of mythic SF, one of the 1960s-70s vanguard.

Emile Zola - French author of some classic tales.