Friday, 16 April 2010

Authors: L

Joe R Lansdale - inventive, highly eloquent, though often feversishly delirous - one of the writers who can never be boring - author of crime fiction such as Mucho Mojo and other stories featuring Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, and of short fiction including Bubba Ho-Tep, adapted into the outrageous film of the same name. Some short stories are available free at his website.

Stephen Laws - leading UK proponent of the supernatural horror novel

Timothy Leary - One of the twentieth century's most important thinkers - a future saint - Leary dot com is also... interesting...

Stanislaw Lem - Soviet author (of Solaris and others)

Gordon Lightfoot - One of the few true poets

Lydia Lunch - Confrontationalist multi-media creator - a first in many fields

David Lynch - in the future, he will be seen as one of this era's most important artists, so check out the official webiste of the multi-faceted creative, world peace activist, eductional reformist, 'mad genius' and coffee salesman...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Authors: M

Christopher Marlowe - The renaissance playwright, spy, and possibly (but not really) the author of some plays claimed by Shakespeare(!?)

Graham Masterton - Prolific producer of thrills and chills, mainly in the imaginative horror genre and a true master(ton) of the form... official site with good layout and generous content

Cormac McCarthy - One of the USA's most noteworthy contemporary writers

Frank Miller - Writer-creator of striking comics, such as the Sin City series...

Henry Miller - Site dedicated to the influencial and inspirational author, artist and 'father of the beats' with good content and a style true to Miller's exuberance and positivity

Momus (aka Nicholas Currie) - wit and wisdom, words and 'music'... and his record label Analog Baroque

For a pretty cool and comprehensive Michael Moorcock website go to Multiverse for lots of info and resources related to the prolific pulp SF author - who also worked with Hawkwind...

Alan Moore - Comic writer, novelist, occultist(?) - regularly up-dated and extensive fan site

Michael Moore - Journalist, documentary film-maker and TV personality who uses sharp wit and humour as tools of social change in a crusade against corporate crime and politic-powered injustice

Authors: N

Anais Nin - Site with nice design and content

Larry Niven - Multi-award winning, highly readable, genre-defining, SF writer - creator of Ringworld and many other 'Known Space' novels... plenty on this fan-run site

Authors: O

George Orwell - Melding politics with creative writing in such works as 1984, Animal Farm, The Road To Wigan Pier...

Authors: P

Robert Pirsig - The Quality of Truth and the Truth about Quality can be sought through 'Zen And The Art Of Motorcyle Maintenance'

Edgar Allan Poe - Poe resource site with many links related to the imaginative, important and inventive writer of classic dark fiction

Philip Pullman - his official website with lots of information about his books, films of his books, interviews, and generous free content including PDFs of articles

Authors: Q

Joe Quesada - writer of comics and Editor in Chief at Marvel

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Authors: R

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - French philosopher (of Swiss origin) who was a huge influence on both Enlightenment and Romantic ideology and an important commentator on educational issues has an extensive entry at the Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy, and also plenty of info and resources at the Rousseau Association

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Authors: S

William Shakespeare - Good site dedicated to 'The Bard', with extensive links to on-line resources. An excellent starting point for finding all things Shakespearian... And this site offers the Complete Works on-line and downloadable!

Tom Sniegoski - Novelist and imaginative writer of graphic novels, responsible for re-vamping the Vampirella comic series and contributing to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer novelisations.

Authors: T

Serj Tankian - Politicised poetry and words from visionary front man of power-charged rock outfit System Of A Down

Dylan Thomas - Information and resources related to the life and word-craft of the famous Welsh drinker

The Tolkien Society website with loads of Tolkien features and facilities. There is also a very thorough fan page with a huge list of other web pages and on-line resources relating to J R R Tolkien and his works...