Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Authors: M

Christopher Marlowe - The renaissance playwright, spy, and possibly (but not really) the author of some plays claimed by Shakespeare(!?)

Graham Masterton - Prolific producer of thrills and chills, mainly in the imaginative horror genre and a true master(ton) of the form... official site with good layout and generous content

Cormac McCarthy - One of the USA's most noteworthy contemporary writers

Frank Miller - Writer-creator of striking comics, such as the Sin City series...

Henry Miller - Site dedicated to the influencial and inspirational author, artist and 'father of the beats' with good content and a style true to Miller's exuberance and positivity

Momus (aka Nicholas Currie) - wit and wisdom, words and 'music'... and his record label Analog Baroque

For a pretty cool and comprehensive Michael Moorcock website go to Multiverse for lots of info and resources related to the prolific pulp SF author - who also worked with Hawkwind...

Alan Moore - Comic writer, novelist, occultist(?) - regularly up-dated and extensive fan site

Michael Moore - Journalist, documentary film-maker and TV personality who uses sharp wit and humour as tools of social change in a crusade against corporate crime and politic-powered injustice

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