Friday, 16 April 2010

Authors: L

Joe R Lansdale - inventive, highly eloquent, though often feversishly delirous - one of the writers who can never be boring - author of crime fiction such as Mucho Mojo and other stories featuring Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, and of short fiction including Bubba Ho-Tep, adapted into the outrageous film of the same name. Some short stories are available free at his website.

Stephen Laws - leading UK proponent of the supernatural horror novel

Timothy Leary - One of the twentieth century's most important thinkers - a future saint - Leary dot com is also... interesting...

Stanislaw Lem - Soviet author (of Solaris and others)

Gordon Lightfoot - One of the few true poets

Lydia Lunch - Confrontationalist multi-media creator - a first in many fields

David Lynch - in the future, he will be seen as one of this era's most important artists, so check out the official webiste of the multi-faceted creative, world peace activist, eductional reformist, 'mad genius' and coffee salesman...

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