Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Re-boot Imminent

Watch this space for new and exclusive content up-loading this summer!

The Scrawl has recently been recognised by the National Library of Wales as, "having significant cultural value," and they have started to archive all our content and will provide a mirror site as part of their academic portal. The Scrawl was originally published as a newsstand magazine, with a small grant from the Arts Council of Wales. That was 18 years ago! It has since turned into a 'labour of love' and we are keen to restore its former glory with Remy Dean and Kim Vertue back at the editorial helm.

The Scrawl publishes author interviews about their creative journey, themes and process. Our editorial approach is both multi-genre and trans-media, so far we have featured literature, comics, critique, stage, screen and songwriting. Our readers share our passion for words - perhaps aspiring writers, creative writing students and fans who are looking for informative features and more serious, in-depth interviews with their favourite word-wielders.

Here is baker's dozen of cool writers, just some of those we have featured so far - how many can you match with the list of names above?


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