Saturday 18 February 2012

Russell Grant - Brought to Book

What is the most recent book you have thoroughly enjoyed? 

The Isles by Norman Davis. Gave me great insight into the true origins of the British islands. For instance the Welsh are the real British, the Scots are Irish, the Irish are Europeans and the English are Germanics! Simplified, but in a nutshell!

What is the first book you can recall that really grabbed you and carried you along with it? 

The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan. A brilliant book that was so compelling I couldn't put it down. I read it around the age of ten, I was at school in Hillingdon, Middlesex and had to write a review for my English Lit exam… I passed.

Do you have a favourite author? 

No, I don't really have a favourite author. I tend to have a favourite subject. Any kind of local history particularly where my ancestral roots are. On my mother's side that tends to be Meirionnydd, Glamorgan/Morgannwg, Middlesex, Isle of Wight and Cornwall whilst my father's lineage is Scottish Highlands, Devon, Middlesex and Yorkshire. I suppose that makes me a true Brit!

Russell Grant in the Snowdonian sunshine
Is there an all-time favourite book, or one that you keep coming back to? 

MMmmm… difficult, but Bartholomew's Gazetteer Ninth Edition is one, Place Names Of The British Isles is another, plus my own tome: although I have written dozens of books on astrology my particular favourite is the definitive book on counties, The Real Counties Of Britain - my last British best seller. It contains information and research that is proving invaluable for work on a new series of web sites I am involved with in an advisory capacity.

Russell Grant is a well-known TV personality, astrologer, author, new-age guru and a bona fide ‘household name’. In 1978, he became the first astrologer in more than three centuries to (openly) present a consultation to members of the British Royal Family. His astrological columns have appeared in more than 250 newspapers worldwide and he was the UK’s first ‘live television astrologist’. He is also a popular writer on travel, people and places – and lists Penmon Priory in Anglesey, and Portmeirion Village, among his fave locations in the entire world. He was a resident of Snowdonia and is often involved in local community events. For more information on Russell’s life and works, visit

This snippet originally appeared in the second news stand edition of Scrawl Magazine.
Russell Grant was talking with Remy Dean.

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